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Meryer is an international, professional chemical company serving customers in China and all over the world. Innovative capability, reliable quality and superior services are our core values. Meryer actively engaged in establishing a long-term, friendly relationship with thousands of customers, suppliers and peers. We can provide more than 100,000 chemical products. While developing our own proprietary brand, we constantly strive to deliver better products and high quality services to our customers.

Meryer Brand

We maintain over 10,000 products in our inventory. Fluorochemicals, boric acid compounds, phosphines, organosilicon compounds, metal catalysts, chromatographic solvents and anhydrous solvents are our unique and competitive products. We can also supply stable quality chemical raw material, pharmaceutical intermediate and high purity solvent in bulk quantity at reasonable prices to meet our customer’s R&D and production requirements.

GELEST Inc (USA) is devoted to the advanced materials market and offering close to 10,000 types of high-end silanes, silicone and organometallic compounds for R&D and production.

Eurisotop, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL), was founded in January 1991 by a group of researchers from the Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (CEA). Since its acquisition by CIL in 2001, Eurisotop has become a leading producer of deuterated NMR solvents and is the leading supplier of stable isotope-labeled compounds in Europe.

USP is a standards-setting organization for medicines, food supplements and other healthcare products authorized by the American Federal Laws. USP has established close cooperation with FDA and pharmaceutical industry in the setting of authoritative medicine standards.

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