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Win-Win cooperation(2)--Meryer´s visit to Rockwood

On October 17, 2012, the Chairman of Board, Mr. Zhu Boyuan etc has visited Rockwood Lithuim in Frankfurt, Germany.

Rockwood Lithium was developed from Metallgesellschaft which was set up in 1889. It start to develop Lithium related compounds from 1913. In 1962, it was firstly named as Chemetall GmbH. In 2004, Chemetall GmbH became part of Rockwood Holdings, Inc. In 2012, Chemetall's lithium, cesium and special metals business started trading under the new brand name Rockwood Lithium. Rockwood Lithium can offer over 100 different kinds of Lithium related compounds and custom synthesized products. It is the leading supplier of Lithium related products all over the world.

Rockwood Lithium has authorized Meryer as its exclusive distributor for Lithium related products and Grignard reagents in China in 2012. In order to satisfy the customers requirements and guarantee on the delivery of these compounds, Meryer has a lot of stock for this item in our Shanghai Warehouse. We will try to offer the excellent products with good service to our customer.