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Legal Declaration

Meryer (Shanghai) Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.provides.

After the user accesses this site, please carefully read this Legal Declaration, if you do not agree to the terms or this site to modify it, please stop using the services provided on this website. Once you use the content provided on this site, including but not limited to website information, download Web content, using the Web site provides links to third party Websites, shall be treated as you are aware of and fully agree to all of the terms in this legal notice Legal Declaration.

Terms Of Use
Unless the consent of the relevant laws and regulations permit or with the consent of our company, information on this website and any of its components shall not be re-edit, copied, imitation, copying, or used for any commercial purpose without our permission. If we determine customer behavior illegal or damage this site or our company's legitimate interests, our reservation including but not limited to, denial of service, freeze or delete member accounts, and keep the right to take legal measure.

Links sites on third party sites
If necessary, this website will provides on third party operating of other website of hyperlinks, and guidelines service or other way in this website displays or provides third party website of content, this "content" include but does not limited to this website contains or may get of any material, file, information, pictures, graphics, logos, designs, and this site provides any other information.

Links to third party websites are only provided as a convenience to site visitors, we retain the terminate rights for third-party Web site links at any time without prior notice. Content on the linked website, the site and its description or provide products and services are not under the control of our company, therefore our company will not take the responsibility with any third-party website and the content, products or services they provide (includes further links to third party websites). Once you decide to visit or use any of the linked website, you should be noted that may be subject to any terms and conditions that apply to third-party sites limit, while on your own to take precautions in order to avoid virus or other destructive factors. For any loss via accessing or using the linked website shall bear liability at your own expense.

For any of the linked Web sites or the content of the show, describe or provide any product or service does not make any warranty or representation by our company. And not made any endorsement, suggestion, approval or presentation. Unless otherwise expressly provided or agreed to our company, our company will not the disputing party of you and any of the linked site provider of any agreement, unless we specified elsewhere. Our company will not liable for any damage or loss (whether such damage or loss is the direct, indirect, special or incidental) which is caused by any interruptions, delay, vulnerability or negligence from the content available on any of the linked websites, products, services. Links to third party sites appearing on this website does not mean that our company or associated with this site, or is legally authorized to use is displayed in the linked sites or available through the link of any trademark, trade name, logo or copyright.

Third-party website links to this site
Links to third party websites on this website, does not necessarily mean that our company has some sort of on third party recognition, authorization, sponsorship, or that they belong to our affiliated companies, joint ventures and cooperative enterprises or business partners. In most cases, our company is not aware of any third party links provided on this website.

Intellectual Property Rights
Contained in this website domain names, trademarks, trade names, information, text, graphics, images, sounds, links, software and all other contents are managed by our company, its content providers and third party licensors provided. According to specific situations, the intellectual property above in such content, owned by our company, its content providers and by third party licensors.

Except as provided by law or otherwise agreed between both parties, without our company's and/or other owner's prior approval, no person shall, in any form by any means (including but not limited to, electronic, physical copy and transcribe etc) copy, display, modify, transfer, distribute, republish, download, post, or transmit the contents of the website.

Without our company or trademark owners’ prior permission, any unit and individual shall not in any way or reason to use, copy, modify, transmit any part of the trademark, trade name or logo or bundled with other products on this website.

The information provided on this website, with a certain degree of accuracy, validity and completeness, but due to large data, and under the influence of uncertainty of the data source, does not guarantee absolute accuracy, availability, and integrity. Our company and its employees shall not in any way any information take any direct or indirect responsibility with transmission errors, inaccuracies or errors to the user or any other person responsible for. The extent permitted by law, we do not assume the user or any person to use or the inability to use the information provided on this website or arising from any links or items for any direct, indirect, incidental, secondary, special, punitive damages (including but not limited to loss of revenue, anticipated profits or lost business, failure to realize expected savings).

We retain the discretion of correcting any errors or omissions in any portion of the website right. Our company may reserve the right to make any changes with the contents and products described on this website, project, service, price and others on the website without notice at any time.

The website, the information and content on this website and the software and materials available on this website are provided "as is to is" without express or implied representations or warranties of any kind. The maximum extent possible under the law, we declare that it does not make any representations and warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to the security, accuracy, completeness, marketability, non-infringement, fitness for a particular purpose, or there is no guarantee of computer viruses. You should assume full responsibility and risk for the use of this website.

Meryer shall take no legal responsibility to the user’s direct or indirectly loss caused by, If the following conditions occurred, we shall take no legal responsibility to the user’s direct or indirectly loss:
1. Business temporarily suspended.
2. Cannot login the website, landing the delay or interrupt.
3. Data could not be delivered, wrong delivery, damage, loss, or other modifications.
4. Links to other websites on this website or links to other websites exist on this site has suffered loss or damage of any kind.
5. By any possibility arise to the computer virus, system down, dysfunction when customer use this website (included link to others website or be linked to this website).
6. This legal notices provided for in the fourth article of the six cases arising out of user's disclosure of your personal information or disclosure.
7. Due to force majeure or other causes beyond the reasonable control of our company as a result of loss of user.

Service change, interrupt or termination
1. Due to system maintenance or upgrade the suspension to the needs of network services, Meryer will advance notice as possible.
2. If any of the following situations occurred, Meryer has the right to interrupt or terminate at any time to provide users with network services under this agreement without notice to users:
(a) User provide the false information.
(b) User violates the rules of service regulation of this agreement.
3. Addition to the cases referred to in the preceding paragraph, Meryer as well as continuing in at any time without prior notice to users of the right to interrupt or terminate part or all of the network services, for all losses as a result of any suspension or termination of service, Meryer do not need to assume any liability to user or any third parties.
4. If the user is against to any proposal of terms of service or modify the terms of later objections, or dissatisfied with the service on the network, the user only the following recourse
(a) No longer uses the website service provided by Meryer;
(b) Inform Meryer to stop network services, be Meryer confirm, the user uses the network the right to immediately suspend service. With immediate effect, Meryer is no longer any obligations on the user

Terms modification
Meryer reserves the right to modify, add and cancel any content in the Legal statements any time. Each time you log in or use of this website is considered to agree to accept service terms and conditions then in force. So you each online session or used the website should view this legal Declaration date, modifications and check previous versions here.

Applicable laws and jurisdiction
The design, implementation, interpretation of this legal Declaration. and settlement of disputes shall apply with law of People's Republic of China. Either party can institute legal proceedings to the people's court which is the seat of Meryer if the dispute is caused by using this website and negotiation failure.