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Meryer has engaged in the sales and distribution of Reference Standard for many years. Because of the full range of products offered, Meryer has accumulated abundant skills and experience and won the praise and trust of many customers. Reference Standard brands we represent including USP (United States Pharmacopoeia), EP (European Pharmacopoeia), BP (Britain Pharmacopoeia), JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia), LGC (Laboratory of the Government Chemist) and TRC (Toronto Research Chemicals),etc. Meryer has always offered technical support and excellent service to scientist and researchers in pharmaceutical R&D, QC, new drug application, etc.

Please contact us via telephone 400-660-8290 if any inquiry.

ProductCode Brand CASNumber English Name Concentration
USP-1733122 USP ‭148-68-3‬ Aztec Marigold Zeaxanthin Extract F0L455
USP-1733119 USP ‭31272-50-1‬ Meso-Zeaxanthin (Beta-Beta-Carotene-3,3'-… F0K295
USP-1729118 USP ‭43200-80-2(racemicmixture)‬ Zopiclone R-Isomer CIV ((-)-(5R)-6-(5-Chl… F0K173
USP-1727053 USP ‭191864-24-1‬ Zolmitriptan Related Compound D ((S)-Ethy… F0K151
USP-1727031 USP ‭139264-69-0‬ Zolmitriptan Related Compound B ((S)-2-Am… F0K150
USP-1727020 USP ‭139264-35-0‬ Zolmitriptan Related Compound A ((S)-4-({… F0K149
USP-1727018 USP ‭139264-24-7‬ Zolmitriptan R-Isomer ((R)-4-({3-[2-(Dime… F0K148
USP-1727009 USP ‭139264-17-8‬ Zolmitriptan F0K147
USP-1725036 USP ‭N/A‬ Zonisamide Related Compound C (N'-(benzis… F0J031
USP-1725014 USP ‭73101-64-1‬ Zonisamide Related Compound A (1,2-benzis… F0I366
USP-1725003 USP ‭68291-97-4‬ Zonisamide F0J010
USP-1724951 USP ‭N/A‬ Zolpidem Impurities Mixture CIV F0J040
USP-1724918 USP ‭N/A‬ Zolpidem Related Compound A CIV (N,N-Dime… F0I065
USP-1724907 USP ‭99294-93-6‬ Zolpidem Tartrate CIV (COLD SHIPMENT REQU… R003V0
USP-1724893 USP ‭82626-48-0‬ Zolpidem CIV F0I064
USP-1724838 USP ‭N/A‬ Zoledronic Acid Related Compound A (2-(1H… R006D0
USP-1724827 USP ‭118072-93-8‬ Zoledronic Acid G0L332
USP-1724805 USP ‭33754-49-3‬ Zolazepam Hydrochloride CIII G0C023
USP-1724769 USP ‭7446-20-2‬ Zinc Sulfate F0D133
USP-1724747 USP ‭1314-13-2‬ Zinc Oxide F0D170
USP-1724689 USP ‭N/A‬ Zileuton Related Compound C (1-Benzo[b]th… F0B299
USP-1724678 USP ‭N/A‬ Zileuton Related Compound B (2-(Benzo[b]t… F0B313
USP-1724667 USP ‭N/A‬ Zileuton Related Compound A (N-(1-Benzo[b… F0B316
USP-1724656 USP ‭111406-87-2‬ Zileuton G0J062
USP-1724543 USP ‭50-89-5‬ Zidovudine Related Compound D ([1-(2-Deox… F0J367
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